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Get a step closer to your dream to study in Australia

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Cost of Study

AUD 20k-45k per year

Sources of funding

Scholarships, Aids, and part-time jobs

Exams Required



Diploma, Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate


Feb to June July to November


Subclass 500 student vISA

Why Study in Australia ?

Australia has long been regarded as a highly desirable study abroad destination, captivating students from around the globe for decades. Known for its breathtaking landscapes and popularity as a tourist haven, the country offers students a rich academic experience, a vibrant fusion of cultures, and global connectivity. Opting to study in Australia provides Indian students with a valuable opportunity to broaden their horizons and showcase significant personal growth in a globally interconnected world.

Spanning a land area comparable to that of the United States, Australia boasts its own distinct natural wonders, including iconic landmarks like the Great Barrier Reef and Bondi Beach. However, its true reputation lies in the exceptional quality of its universities and research institutions, which are widely regarded as among the finest worldwide. These esteemed institutions not only excel in delivering top-notch education but also prioritize the inclusion of international students, offering a vast array of academic opportunities to those aspiring to study in Australia.

Benefits of Studying in Australia

If you are an Indian international student considering studying in Australia, you may be curious about the benefits it offers. Rest assured that with over 1,100 Australian universities and educational institutions, you have access to a vast range of more than 22,000 courses covering various disciplines and fields.

Are you intrigued? Let’s delve deeper into the advantages of studying in Australia!

The growth and prosperity of any organization or community hinge upon what they have to offer. Similarly, a study destination that provides high-quality education and an enriching experience is destined to flourish. Did you know that the number of international students choosing Australia as their study destination has been steadily increasing? According to The PIE News, it is projected that in 2023, there will be a growth rate between 8% and 12% compared to the 100,000+ Indian students who enrolled to study in Australia in 2022.

You might wonder, why do international students aspire to study in Australia? The answer is simple! Australia is home to top-ranked universities, consistently ranking among the top 100 worldwide. These institutions not only provide excellent education but also offer outstanding accommodation, diverse culinary experiences, vibrant culture, a desirable lifestyle, and, most importantly, a strong emphasis on security and safety. It’s no wonder that aspiring students are drawn to Australia as their dream study destination.

We understand that many of you would like to explore more information about post-study work options and the benefits of studying in Australia specifically for Indian students. Rest assured, we have just the right resources for you. However, before we dive into those details, there is plenty of equally essential information we would like to share about why studying in Australia is a great choice for Indian students. You’ll find it all outlined below.

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Benefits of Studying in Australia

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous courses available to pursue from Australian Universities and educational institutions, and the students are given a wide range of freedom to choose from them and personalise their curriculum according to their taste. While that may be the case, you can still find yourself in a tight spot if you’re uncertain about which courses to pick. So, to help you ease in your hunt, we’ve listed down a few of the most popular courses to Study in Australia.
The courses can be widely categorised as: –
  • Business/Management Courses.
  • Science and Technology.
  • Education.
  • Engineering.
  • Law.
  • Medicine, etc.
Besides these, Australia also offers study programmes in all streams and disciplines where you can opt to suit your interests. An interesting point to note is the Average Annual Tuition Fee to study in Australia ranges from AUD 20,000 to AUD 60,000. This incorporates the factors of course, program, and university you choose.
We know that you are curious about how much most of the well-known courses that are offered might cost you. Fret not because we have got you covered! Below listed are some of the Popular courses in Australia chosen by international students.
Name of the CourseAverage Annual Tuition Fees (in AUD)
Business Administration and ManagementAUD 30,000 – AUD 60,000
Computer Science and Information TechnologyAUD 30,000 – AUD 45,000
EducationAUD 20,000 – AUD 35,000
Environmental ScienceAUD 25,000 – AUD 40,000
EngineeringAUD 35,000 – AUD 50,000
Finance and AccountingAUD 30,000 – AUD 45,000
LawAUD 40,000 – AUD 55,000
MedicineAUD 55,000 – AUD 80,000
NursingAUD 25,000 – AUD 40,000
PsychologyAUD 30,000 – AUD 45,000

Intriguing, isn’t it? Curious to know more, aren’t you?

Then click below to learn more about the Best Courses to Study in Australia for Indian Students!

Top Universities in Australia

You would probably know by now that Australia is home to some of the most reputed and well-ranked universities in the world. To help ease your search time, we have compiled a list of a few of the Top Australian Universities for International Students to ensure that it will help you when you choose to make a decision to Study in Australia when the time is right for you!

To choose the Popular Courses and Universities in Australia, you would need to invest quite some time and effort in researching the details. 
Name of UniversityUniversity Best Known ForQS WUR, 2023THE, 2023
University of MelbourneLeading University known for Research and Teaching.3538
Australian National University (ANU)A renowned Public Research University best known for Research, Teaching, and Small Classes.3127
University of SydneyLeaders in Education, Research, Student Experience, and Graduate Employability.3851
University of Queensland (UQ)Known for its Teaching Excellence and has Won Most National Teaching Awards than any other Australian University.4747
University of New South Wales (UNSW)A Public University, part of the Group of Eight AUS. Universities, Ranked #1 for Research Quality and Impact.
Most known for interdisciplinary research on Inequality and Climate Change.
Monash UniversityMost well-known for Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science under Life Science and Medicine.5864
University of Western Australia (UWA)Renowned as a Research-Intensive University across a range of Disciplines.9292
University of AdelaideThe 3rd oldest university in Australia that is centred on Discovering New Knowledge, Pursuing Innovation and Preparing Educators of Tomorrow.106106
University of Technology Sydney (UTS)Well-known among the top institutions globally in 27 of 51 subjects, including: – 
Nursing, Art & Design, Sports, Library & Information Management, Law, Accounting & Finance, Business & Management Studies, Communication & Media Studies, and many more…
University of WollongongEstablished an excellent reputation for Teaching and Learning across 4 Faculties: 
Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities, Business and Law, Engineering

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Cost of Studying in Australia

One of the most important aspects of a student’s life while studying abroad is the Cost of Living in Australia. You should know that it is usually more expensive to live in the capitalof Australia than to live elsewhere, and it differs from which region of Australia you choose to live in and the University of your choice is located. 
To give you an idea of how the cost of living in Australia differs from region to region, here’s a list of information for your perusal below: – 
  • New South Wales– The weekly rent of a shared house in Sydney is between AUD 200 and AUD 300, and for a one-bedroom, the rent is between AUD 400 and AUD 550.
  • Queensland- Brisbane is one of the cities in Queensland, and the rental price for a one-bedroom there is around AUD 300.
  • Tasmania- Hobart is one of the famous cities of Tasmania, which costs around AUD 205 for a three-bedroom apartment.
  • Parts of Australia, including Western Australia and South Australia- Adelaide in South Australia rents between AUD 165-AUD 440 per week for a house, and in Perth, located in Western Australia, the cost of a one-bedroom is around AUD 300.
  • Northern and Australian capital Territory- the average cost estimated in the city of Darwin is AUD 300, and the average rental price for a unit in Canberra is around AUD 400.
Always ensure to check for the current cost associated with the region to ensure you save as much as you can during the course of your study in Australia.
The next big financial crunch you would meet as an International Student in Australia would be the Tuition Fees. 
 The tuition fees generally vary on two fronts: – 
  1. The Course you choose
  2. The University you choose to study
This cost ranges between AUD 4000 and AUD 121,000.
Not only this, there are other costs that are also mandatory to be aware of, such as:
  • Monthly Cost of Living.
  • Food Costs.
  • Entertainment Costs.
  • Healthcare Costs.
  • Other costs – such as travel, lodging, etc.

    Among these, healthcare costs would mostly be covered through your health insurance for most ailments as you must apply for it alongside your visa for processing. One other step that you should take is once you reach Australia and have settled into the University, and have confirmed your lodgings, get yourself enrolled with a General practitioner near your residence with the health insurance obtained alongside your visa to ensure you avail of their services and the costs are taken care of through it.
These costs, though they may look small when compared to the higher costs that are mentioned above, care should be taken to ensure that you don’t overspend yourself and have sufficient finances for any emergencies. 


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Scholarships in Australia

As an international student, you will find plenty of Scholarships in Australia that are available and funded by the Australian government, public universities and other private universities to eligible students in Australia. These scholarships consist of varying eligibility criteria and monetary value. So, ensure that you check up on which scholarships you qualify for best to ensure your financial strain is reduced to the most and you benefit the best! 
To help you, we have given each of the Scholarships, Bursaries and Financial awards below that are given by prominent institutions and universities to eligible students to help grant a boost to their motivation to achieve even greater success in their studies.
Name of Scholarship, Bursaries, and Financial AwardsEligibility
Australian Government Research Training Program (AGRTP)All students pursuing Master’s and Research programs are eligible
Australia AwardsAll students from Asia, Africa, the Pacific and the Middle East
Endeavour PG Scholarship AwardsAll international Master’s and PhD students are eligible

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